Blastocyst Transfer

  • On the day of the ovum pick up make center well with cleavage medium and kept overnight in the incubator.
  • The next day (day 1) after the denudation (IVF embryos) and PN assessment is done (IVF and ICSI embryos) the selected embryos are put in the culture medium
  • This is done with a 170um flexi pipette.
  • The dishes are then put in the incubator at 37*C and 6% Co2.
  • On Day 2 a dish with cleavage media is made in the same way and kept in the incubator. The embryos in the cleavage media are assessed for cleavage and graded.
  • On day 3 the embryos from culture media are then tranferred into well containing fresh culture medium.
  • The embryos are generally at the eight cell stage.
  • On day 4 the embryos are not touched but a transfer dish (0.8 ml ml G2.2 media in center well) is prepared for the blastocyst transfer the next day.
  • On day 5 the embryos are assessed. The blastocyst from embryos with high PN scores on Day 1 are given priority.
  • The blastocyst are washed in a wash dish, this time a 300um pipette is used and then transferred to the final Embryo transfer dish.
Expanded Blastocyst

Early Blastocyst Grading Photos :

Full Blastocyst Grading Photos :

Large, Well Expanded Blastocyst Grading Photos :

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